SHM Analog (Mechanical) Flowmeter for Waste/Sewage Water, it is an epoxy coated cast iron, it has great flow rate measure and resistant from many light chemicals and corrosion. It can be used for a remote reading transmission system as equipped with built-in sensor (optional) and with Data Logger, it can record for last six months logs.

Flowmeter Cold and Hotwater
Flowmeter Cold and Hotwater
Stainless Steel 316L
High Quality Stainless
Data Logger For Pulse Type

SHM Electromagnetic Flowmeter (EMF), it is a digital flow meter for conductive liquid case, made from carbon steel, electrode from titanium, and lining from PTFE. There is no movable parts in the electromagnetic flowmeter, no loss pressure , simple structure, work reliable. The measurement accuracy is not affected by the change of the measured medium’s pressure, density (including liquid-solid two-phase), temperature, viscosity and other physical parameter. Moisture proof and waterproof performance is good. Suit for setting up and being used underground or wet environments. Compare with other flowmeter, its advantage : big measurement range , low demand in straight pipe, high accuracy. Widely applied in the fields of chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, food and beverage & pharmaceutical industry, water & waste water, agriculture & irrigation, paper making.

SHM Electromagnetic Flowmeter
SHM Electromagnetic Flowmeter

SHMT series Turbine Flowmeter draw the leading technology integrating with advanced design to produce the new generation of turbine flowmeter with the features of simple structure, light weight, high accuracy, good repeatability, flexible reaction, convenient installation/maintenance/application etc.. It is widely applied to measuring the liquid of which kinematic viscosity is under 5*10-6 m2/s and have no impurity of fiber, grain etc., and no corrosive interaction with the stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti,2Cr13,and A12O3, and hard alloy in seal pipes. The liquid of kinematic above 5*10-6 m2/s can be measured after real liquid calibration of flowmeter. It can be used in value control, siren when excess, if co-ordination with special display instrument. So it is the ideal instrument of measuring flow value and saving energy.

SHMT series Turbine Flowmeter

SHM Vortex Flow Meters : Digital Flow Meter for Gas, Liquid & Vapor body, shedder and sensor all made from Stainless Steel SUS 316L. Converter Housing made from epoxy coated alumuniurn capable in harsh process environment. SHM Vortex Flow Meter series is suitable for oil, chemical industry, Metallurgy, heating power, spinning, papermaking, etc. Measure over-heating / saturation vapor, compres. / ordinary air (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, natural / coal gas, etc), water & liquid (petrol,alcohol,benzene, etc).


Bulkstrain is a high quality ductile iron basket strainer, it must be installed to the pipeline system to protect equipments (ie. flowmeter or pump) from unwanted debris. With its unique design, stainless steel mesh inside, high flowrate, epoxy coating, resist from corrosion for long term use. It is widely used in cold and hot water up to 90oC system , air conditioning system, boiler, raw water etc to ensure water clarity and prevent equipment from get clogged and extend the equipment life.